Brainstorming New Locale

    Our first step in planing our dream life was narrowing down exactly where we want to go.  To do that we had to sort out exactly what we were looking for in a new home base.  

    After carefully considering our requirements, and listing some of our favorite places we've visited that more or less filled those requirements, we narrowed it down to four options.

    Now its just a matter of figuring out which one of these cities is most likely to provide us with a source of income.


During our time here in the city we've taken several breaks to escape the chaos and congestion.  







    After every one of these trips, all the fresh air and slower living, coming back to the city gets harder and harder.  It's got us wondering - what's it all for?  Maybe it's time to re-think some things...

Then it found us...

After years of having these "what if" and "one day" conversations, we accidentally stumbled upon what could be the perfect thing for us.  

While doing a craigslist search for "smoker wood" in the new york area, Shawn came across an ad titled "Tired of cold weather?  Move to Texas and run a BBQ Restaurant".  Interest peaked, he clicked.  

After talking with the previous owner, getting advice from family and friends, and asking each other if we were crazy (we still aren't sure), we took a leap of faith and bought a tiny BBQ Restaurant in the one-horse town of Nixon, Tx.  

Signing Contracts

Signing Contracts

Pictures from original craigslist ad

Pictures from original craigslist ad

If the pictures don't adequately describe the huge culture shock we are in for, lets break it down in numbers:

Follow us as we adapt our big city ways to slower country livin', run a bbq restaurant, and start a homestead.